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National Youth Music Organisations will double

Today, Arts Council England and the Department for Education have announced eight new National Youth Music Organisations, taking the total number from seven to 15.

Music for Youth is an established National Youth Music Organisation (NYMO), working closely with Arts Council England and the Department for Education. We are delighted to announce that in 2023, eight new youth charities will join, to create 15 NYMO’s.  

As a National Youth Music Organisation, we provide thousands of young people up to the age of 25 with music training and performance opportunities, allowing young creatives to develop their skills, network and perform at world class venues such as Birmingham’s Symphony Hall and the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Music for Youth has received funding to be a NYMO, which will help us to deliver our programme throughout the year.

The newcomers are:

  • National Children’s Orchestra of Great Britain, which gives children the chance to take part in making orchestral music
  • Open Up Music, which launched the world’s first disabled-led national youth orchestra and now help schools set up accessible orchestras for disabled young people
  • Awards for Young Musicians, which provides funding and support to young musicians from low-income families
  • UD, which supports young people to explore Black music and culture
  • Pagoda Arts, which teaches young people about Chinese music and culture.
  • National Youth Folk Ensemble, which offers a range of opportunities for young people to learn and be inspired about folk music, dance and song
  • Orchestras for All, which offers life-changing orchestral music-making experiences to young people facing significant barriers
  • Sound and Music, which creates opportunities for young people aged 11 - 21 to compose and create their own music

This announcement of the expansion of National Youth Music Organisations will lead the way in developing young musicians and music-makers and provide them with exciting opportunities surrounding their music education and careers.

Arts Council England Chief Executive, Darren Henley, said “We’re excited Music for Youth will continue as a National Youth Music Organisation. By more than doubling the number of National Youth Music Organisations we are bringing opportunities to learn an instrument, compose, and make music to even more children across the country. The organisations joining the programme will provide thousands more young people with the chance to experience the joys music can create, and to learn skills that will stay with them throughout their lives, whether that means making music for fun or pursuing a career as a professional musician.”

Read more on the Arts Council website.

About the author

Abbie Strowbridge-Knight

Abbie works as part of the MFY communications team, managing content for the website and for MFY's social media. She has a background in performing arts and many years' experience in marketing and communications. She also recently completed her CIM Level 4 qualification.

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