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Citizens' Assembly

A Youth Manifesto for the Future of Music

The Young People’s Citizens Assembly for Music is a democratic approach to ensure that young people influence the future of music within the UK. The assembly took place on Friday 7th July 2023 at B:Music in Birmingham.  

Over 40 young people from across the UK attended and gave key recommendations that are recorded within the written manifesto. The next phase includes sharing these key findings with government and industry stakeholders.  

The assembly was hosted by Music for Youth, in collaboration with More Music, Lancashire and Tri Borough Music Hubs. 

We would like to thank all our panellists; Hannah Fouracre (Director of Music Education at Arts Council) Chris Procter (Head of Programme at B:Music) and Bridget Whyte (CEO at Music Mark) responded to some of the key issues addressed in the Assembly. And we would like to thank all the young people who contributed towards the creation of this Manifesto, in hopes that sustainable opportunities and avenues within music will be created.  

We are delighted to host the next iteration of the Citizens Assembly at the National Festival in 2024, with additional partners Music Mark and Sound Connections. 


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