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15th & 16th November 2022

Proms 2022

Young musicians performed at the Music for Youth Proms at the Royal Albert Hall on 15th and 16th November, with the event being a tradition since 1975. It is based on a very simple truth; young people make great music, and this should be celebrated on the most fantastic stages.

Two special evening concerts showcased over 3,000 young musicians from across the country back together for a spectacular concert like no other: full-scale symphony orchestras are showcased alongside some of the best young jazz bands, chamber groups, bands and singer-songwriters from across the UK; and a unique specially produced Massed Ensemble of over 400 musicians.  

Proms DVD!!

If you haven’t already, don’t forget you can order a DVD recording of both nights of the Proms to re-live the unforgettable experience. You will be able to watch back the outstanding performances again and again and share them with friends and family.

Order your digital recording or DVD by clicking the link below. 

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The Creative Project

The Proms featured a collaborative creative project for up to 2,000 young people led by Music for Youth Music Mentor, Adey Grummet and composed by celebrated musical director and composer Michael Henry, with performances to support and encourage young musicians and music educators. 


Remel London

Remel London is a bubbly, energetic and fun award-winning British TV, Radio presenter and host. Remel is making waves in the industry as the lead presenter on SKY One’s What’s Up TV, the host of the Saturday Afternoon show on CAPITAL XTRA and a highly sought after voice-over artist working with the BBC, CBBC, BET, UKTV and BT Sports to name a few.

A confident and experienced host, Remel has hosted numerous events including The Music For Youth Proms at the Royal Albert Hall for two consecutive years, The Rocking Ur Teens Girls Conference for the last 5 years and the first Virtual Notting Hill Carnival Main Stage in 2020. 


An old soul with young energy defines LDEEA, a singer, songwriter, and presenter that writes songs that contain key wisdom with a breath of fresh air. Having studied art, the foundations of an LDEEA song are descriptive imagery used to evoke different emotions, what she likes to call Sonic storybooks.

Taking inspiration from anything that she feels a connection to, LDEEA’s musical influences are quite vast; Jazz, R&B, Indie, and Ambient music being at the top. Her goal is to inspire people with her music and for it to be used as a comfort blanket or a lightbulb moment.

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