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MFY Remix 2021 Highlights

Though the festival had to move online at the last minute, MFY Remix 2021 was still an exciting, wonderful event, showcasing the musical talent in this country. From the video wall to online performances, the participants and the people behind the scenes of this year’s festival worked extremely hard to create an event to remember.
Feel like you missed out? Here are just some of the highlights from MFY Remix 2021.

Workshops with Bridget Walsh and Alan Keary

MFY brought in two industry professionals to give online workshops on their craft. First, Bridget Walsh hosted a song-writing class, giving her advice on how to brainstorm ideas and allow them to flourish into lyrics. By looking through a character’s point of view, freewriting and using wordplay, every participant was able to write a hook by the end of the session! The workshop was intimate and insightful, allowing us all to become vulnerable and listen to each other’s ideas. I was sceptical at first, I did not consider myself a song writer, however Bridget showed us we can all find the inspiration and creativity to do it.

Alan Keary’s workshop was about using the music making software Ableton. The session was exciting, as we got to see Alan exploring his craft live, by playing his songs to us and improvising. Alan was very open to answer every question aimed his way, whilst showing how accessible Ableton is for anyone aspiring to perform live with technology. I especially enjoyed the improvisation session given by Alan; I was in awe that he could create such a masterpiece with no writing beforehand! It was extremely inspirational to get to watch these two professionals do what they do best.

Daily Frequencies Playlists

Every day of MFY Remix 2021 brought new music to us all. The MFY Frequencies artists are fresh, talented young musicians, striving to make a name for themselves in the industry. Every lunch I ate throughout the festival was accompanied by these artists through MFY Remix 2021’s Frequencies playlists on Soundcloud. From a soulful voice accompanied by a guitar to grime, the playlists displayed the versatility and creativity of each and every musician involved. I found the experience so rewarding, seeing people my age and even younger be so talented and determined to create some amazing music! You can still check these artists and their songs out on Music For Youth’s Soundcloud.

Sector Spotlights

The global pandemic may have remixed the way we lived our lives, but the music industry did not stop working! The daily Sector Spotlights highlighted how different organisations had adapted to the lockdown and helped bring people and communities together through the power of music. From online masterclasses to musical projects, the industry professionals helped young musicians stay motivated and positive for the future of music. I found the Sector Spotlights to be a rewarding section, showing how we can adapt and evolve from a bad situation to give ourselves opportunities to play music no matter what!

Online Performances

Though the festival may have been experienced through a screen, the online performances closing every day made me feel like I was at Birmingham Symphony Hall in person. Featuring That’s All Folk, Drake Primary School Choir, Milton Keynes Youth String Orchestra and MFY’s Frequencies artists, the performances were a diverse range of musical talent. The performances were a fantastic way to close each day, it was uplifting to see musicians together after a year of remote collaboration. Whilst watching the talent every evening, I became hopeful for the future festivals, where we can finally experience the music live and enjoy the festival all together.

The entirety of MFY Remix 2021 was amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed watching musicians, whether they were young or established professionals, showcase their talent and creativity. I am in awe at how Music For Youth managed to do all this through an online platform and cannot wait for when we can come together in person in the near future!

About the author

Meg Davies

Meg Davies is our Writer-Reporter for our digital National Festival REMIX 2021.


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